4 Golf Sites That Always Have Promo Codes

Golf is very well-known for being a much more expensive hobby than other ones out there. Not only will you have to pay for a club membership or entrance to play in a golf course, you will also have to invest in your gear and outfit. Even your shoes should be appropriate for going into the course and especially, walking long distances from one hole to another.

Still, there are some tips to get some great discounts or have some savings on your golf gear. Typically, buying online is cheaper due to the lower costs of the retailer. But another advantage is that by shopping online, you can also compare and find the best deals on your golf equipment. Here are some sites you can start your search.

1. Golf Galaxy

Signing up for the Golf Galaxy Advantage Club allows you to get $10 in Reward when you reach 300 points. More than that, you get access to exclusive offers and special discounts. Checking their website regularly will also keep you informed of current sales and other special deals.

2. Carl’s Golfland

If you are looking for huge discounts, head to the clearance section of Carl’s Golfland and you can find items up to 70% off. You can also find great deals on top brands. A huge plus is the trade-in program that allows you to exchange your old clubs for brand-new ones so that you can still get some money back on them and at the same time, save on your new clubs.

3. Rock Bottom Golf 

Rock Bottom Golf offers a price guarantee that they have the lowest prices on golf products. If customers, however, find an item cheaper somewhere else, they can send an e-mail and this price will be matched. More than that, they receive an additional store credit of up to $40!

4. The Golf Warehouse

Beyond offering new items at the lowest price, The Golf Warehouse (TGW) also sells used clubs and recycled golf balls for those who do not want to shell out a lot of money for new ones.

These websites also offer other perks like promo codes for signing up for their newsletter. In fact, it is so easy to find great deals on golf gear that you would swear to never buy them again for the full price. So whether you are a golfer or someone thinking of starting it, do not ever be put off by the thought that golf is too expensive a hobby. With some smart shopping habits, you can finance your favorite activity for far less.